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Quality is a critical area of concern throughout the supply chain. Whether you are a importer/exporter, a brand/retailer, a dot com, an entrepreneur or factory – maintaining good quality controls is critical to sustained growth and customer satisfaction.

Retailers and Brands

Retailers and brands must juggle a large number of issues to manage business continuity and performance enhancement. They must optimize profits by managing the costs associated with their supply chain including avoiding business disruptions by late shipments, recalls or significant returns.

Other risks include rising input prices, market saturation, economic downturns, changing regulatory requirements, increasing competitor pressures and the need to reduce the total cost of quality whilst improving product quality and safety.

One key cost, which is growing but can be mitigated, is the percentage of products being returned due to poor quality. Studies show that around 9% of products are returned when shopping in physical stores, however, this increases to up to 1/3 of products being returned when shopping online. Around 1/5 of these returns are due to damaged products or poor quality. This equates to 1-2% of physical store sales being returned and 6% of online sales due to quality issues.

As a leader supporting the world’s leading retailers and brands, our global platform, innovative Insight Center and globally aligned client focus positions us in a prime position to support and partner retailers and brands in addressing and navigating these many risks.

Your Needs

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  • BETTER: Quality Product -> Reducing Returns (e.g. 10%-25% clothing returned due to poor quality)
  • FASTER: Easy Booking | Shipment on Time
  • SAFER: Reduce Risk of Injury / Recall
  • TRANSPARENT: Supplier / Factory Trust
  • CHEAPER: Total Cost of Quality Reduction
  • SMARTER: Experience / Knowledge on How to Improve / Optimize Sourcing Quality

Value of Bureau Veritas

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  • BETTER: Best in Class Quality Service and BV Best Practice protocols
  • SAFER: Stop Shipment of Physically Unsafe Products
  • TRANSPARENT: Representing Buyer in Factory
  • FASTER: Next Day Booking with Same Day Report and 24/7 Customer Service
  • CHEAPER: Reduction in Returns Due to Better Quality Products
  • SMARTER: Supply Chain Optimization via Business Intelligence | Smarter Sourcing due to Insight Center

Your benefits

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  • INFORMED DECISIONS (thanks to insight center and business intelligence from dashboard)
  • BRAND PROTECTION (thanks to audits)
  • RETURNS REDUCTION (as a result of quality product being shipped following BV intervention)
  • CLIENT SATISFACTION (thanks to quality products being shipped on time)
  • REVENUE GROWTH (leveraging BV reputation and relationships with world’s leading retailers and brands)
  • SUPPLY CHAIN OPTIMIZATION (thanks to business intelligence from dashboard)
  • SHIPMENT ON TIME (thanks to smarter sourcing process)
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