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Quality is a critical area of concern throughout the supply chain. Whether you are a importer/exporter, a brand/retailer, a dot com, an entrepreneur or factory – maintaining good quality controls is critical to sustained growth and customer satisfaction.


As an innovator, and entrepreneur, you will have a wide knowledge of your product and market. However, there is an ongoing need to stay abreast of not just the regulatory market evolution, but also the dynamics related to clients and the ever changing risks associated with global supply chains.

Enterpreneur Img How do I choose the right supplier? How can I verify what I order is what is manufactured? Will customers like my product? How can I reduce risk of product returns? How can I drive trust amongst new customers? If you can anticipate the challenges you need to face to build a successful business, you'll have an edge. Quality management verifies that your organization and finished product is consistent and meets your design concepts. Quality management uses quality assurance (audits) and control of products (inspections) to achieve more consistent quality. As a global leader in supply chain quality management services, we have many decades of experience in partnering with consultants to provide a total solution to mutual clients. We have labs and inspectors worldwide with the ability to cascade a collaborative solution offering including your consultancy expertise as well as our own Testing, Inspection and Certification services.

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