Window Coverings Regulation in Canada Revised


Window Coverings Regulation in Canada Revised

After almost two years since the announcement of proposed updates for the Corded Window Covering Regulation in Canada, the changes have now been officially approved. This update significantly alters the requirements that window covering products will be held to and will now make the Canadian requirements more stringent than the US requirements.

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In Canada, historically the Corded Window Covering Regulation pointed to the Canadian industry standard, CSA Z600. This CSA Z600 standard was essentially just the ANSI/WCMA A100.1 standard with some slight changes, primarily relating to the labeling expectations.

Within the past few years, when the Window Covering Manufacturer’s Association (WCMA) was working towards the 2018 revision of the ANSI/WCMA standard, Health Canada stated that more needed to be done and that things were not moving fast enough for them. On June 17, 2017, a proposal was released in the Canada Gazette Part I announcing very different requirements expectations for window coverings in Canada.

Recent Release

On Wednesday, May 1, 2019, an update was released in the Canada Gazette Part II, indicating that the Corded Window Coverings Regulation had now been official approved. This update greatly restricts the length of cords and the size of loops that can be created on window coverings, in an effort to reduce the possibility of child strangulation. These new requirements apply to all indoor window covering products (both custom-made and stock products) that contain at least one cord.

Key Changes

This update is significantly different than previous requirements and no longer references the CSA industry standard. Below is a very brief summary of the requirements specified within this new regulation:

Small parts – Any component that is accessible & could fit within the small parts cylinder will now be subject to a 90N tensile force to see if it can be removed

Lead content – Every external component on a window covering must not contain more than 90 mg/kg of lead.

Cord length – Any free cord or section of cord cannot exceed 22 cm in length when under a 35 N force

Loop size – The perimeter of any loop (existing or created) cannot exceed 44 cm when under a 35 N force

Product & packaging labeling – The required warning statement and the specified information must appear in both English & French on both the product and its packaging

Instructions – Instructions must be included to specify how to assemble, install, and use the product

Coming into Force

The requirements of this regulation will come into force on May 1, 2021. This extended timeline should allow manufacturers, importers, and retailers time to adjust to these new requirements.

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Bureau Veritas has been the leading test lab for window covering products and actively participates in the window covering industry activities. Bureau Veritas has testing labs in both the USA and Asia region that are capable and experienced with testing window covering products. The teams can help customers understand the complex requirements that pertain to window coverings, and help them ensure their products are in compliance.

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