Personal Protective Equipment 2016/425 and UV Protection Clothing


Personal Protective Equipment 2016/425 and UV Protection Clothing

Under the scope of the EU Regulation for Personal Protective Equipment 2016/425, UV Protective clothing is considered as Category 1 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and requires CE marking.

By Bureau Veritas Technical Services 3 minute read

To meet the requirements the manufacturer should prepare a technical file containing the following as a minimum requirement by Annex I:

1. Risk Assessment containing the name of the product and the protection offered. The manufacturer should have performed the assessment of the risks against which the product is intended to protect, including a design assessment, this is covered by the requirements in EN 13758-2.

2. Testing Due to non-harmonised standards it is recommended to apply standards BS EN 13758-2 for apparel and BS 8466 for hats.

3. Lifetime of the Product/Performance Assessment Manufacturers must ensure that their product is still compliant during the reasonable foreseeable life of the product.

4. Labelling This shall include the CE mark on a permanent sew in label, traceability mark for identification purposes, name, registered trade name and address of manufacturer and importer (within the EU), information on use and maintenance

The consumer should be provided with the following information at POS:

• Name and Address of the manufacturer (or own brander)

• Confirmation of compliance with EU Regulation for Personal Protective Equipment 2016/425

• Model number

• Size

• A set of instructions for cleaning and use including a maximum number of cycles recommended and also how to recognize ageing and loss of performance

The Technical File needs to be retained for ten years.

Please refer to the actual standard or regulation for the full and detailed requirements.

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