South Korea: KATS Published Notification No. 2018-194 and 2018-195 for Updated Safety Standards for Products


South Korea: KATS Published Notification No. 2018-194 and 2018-195 for Updated Safety Standards for Products

On June 29, 2018, the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) updated a notification on Safety Standards for Household Products to prescribe the safety standards of household goods that are subject to safety standards in accordance with the Enforcement Regulations of the Safety Management Act of Electrical Goods and Household Products.

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Manufacturers or importers of household goods subject to safety standards must comply with the specifications of their respective annexes.

According to KATS notification No. 2018-195, adult textile/leather products was changed to belong to the product category of "Safety Standard Conformity" from "Supplier's Conformity Confirmation."

The products in the category of "Safety Standard Conformity" still needed to comply with the safety standard but KC testing report shall be exempted when products subject to safety certification/safety confirmation/supplier conformity are imported through parallel import.

The attachment of KC mark on the product is no longer needed. KC mark can be effective until June 30, 2021.

The notification No. 2018-195 updated 23 annexes subjected to this safety standard including the following:

• Textile products

• Carpets

• Leather goods

• Beauty soap

• Furniture (excluding storage units / filing cabinets height 762 mm or more)

• Clothes horse

• Sunglasses

• Glass frames

• Tents

• Shoes for the elderly

• Sticks for the elderly

• Wheeled chair tables for the elderly

• Bath chair for the elderly

• Location tracking device for the elderly

• Swimming goggles

• High-visibility jackets

• Stainless scrubber

• White cane

• Bed mattresses

• Umbrella and parasol

• Personal portable alarms

• Metal jewelry in contact with skin

• Wallpapers and paper floor coverings

This notification takes effect on July 1, 2018.

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