Health Canada Issues Updated Guidelines for Children’s Sleepwear


Health Canada Issues Updated Guidelines for Children’s Sleepwear

In February 2019, Health Canada issued updated Policy Guidelines for Children’s Sleepwear, titled “Children’s Sleepwear: Flammability requirement guidelines. Policy guidelines for the Children’s Sleepwear Regulations made under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA), February 2019.”

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The newly updated guidance clarified legislation for children’s sleepwear under the Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA). The new guidance is very detailed. The following is a listing of the highlights. For full details, please review the guidance document, which can be requested from your local Health Canada Office or

General Requirements and Highlights Outlined Include, But Are Not Limited To:

• Definition of Children’s sleepwear and what is not sleepwear is clearly outlined.

• Discussion on the Sizing interpretation of Children’s vs. Adults sleepwear has been added.

• Added guidance for sleepwear accessories such as caps, sleep masks, slippers and attachable hoods.

• Revised details of sizing for nine months (infants weighing up to 7kg) and past interpretation for Infant styling up to 9 months.

• Clarified that labeled sizing cannot be in non-numeric sizing only.

• Added guidance for tight-fit garments with closures. There cannot be any gaps between closures and must lie smooth.

• Added waist circumference measurements to the dimensional criteria sizing charts: Waist must be less than or equal to the chest dimension for tight-fit sleepers.

• Updated the flame retardant section of the guidance, including identification of flame retardant classifications which are banned, and added methods for testing.

• Added details for daywear stylings and sleep sacks.

• Clarified CCPSA test considerations for Children’s Products, and added information regarding small powerful magnets.

Requirements Which are Unchanged Include, But Are Not Limited To:

• The dimensional criteria for tight-fitting polo pajamas and sleepers are unchanged.

• The flammability test for tight-fit, loose-fit and infant stylings are unchanged.

• The general styling details concerning tight-fit and tight-fit cuffs at wrists and ankles are unchanged.

• Points of measurement locations are unchanged.

• Labeling has not changed.

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