EN 71-3:2019 Safety of Toys – Part 3: Migration of Certain Elements


EN 71-3:2019 Safety of Toys – Part 3: Migration of Certain Elements

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) published EN 71-3:2019. This European Standard shall be given the status of a national standard, either by publication of an identical text or by endorsement, at the latest by October 2019, and conflicting national standards shall be withdrawn at the latest by October 2019.

By Bureau Veritas Technical Services 3 minute read

This amendment is expected to be harmonized under the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC when it is accepted by the European Commission and announced in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

Highlights of the Changes

• Several terms and definitions, list for reagents and apparatus has been updated

• The limit value for chromium VI for material category III toy material adapted to new legal limit value (0.053 mg/kg) which will apply from November 18, 2019

• Dewaxing procedure has been revised by using isooctane instead of n-heptane

• More detailed procedures for checking the pH before and after migration has been introduced

• Test method for chromium III and chromium VI has been replaced by test method for chromium VI which is capable of determining chromium VI at the limit values for all material categories

• Dimethyltin (DMT) has been added to the list of organic tin compounds

• Test method for organic tin has been revised, butyl tin (d9) has been added as a recommended internal standards for organic tin compounds

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