Canada Amending the Textile Labelling and Advertising Regulations


Canada Amending the Textile Labelling and Advertising Regulations

Canada announced amendments to the Textile Labelling and Advertising Regulations (TLAR): SOR/2018-253. Please note that the amendments do not change how textile products need to be labeled for Canadian distribution.

By Bureau Veritas Technical Services 3 minute read

Some of the amendments to TLAR were made to better reflect the Competition Bureau’s legislative authority found under the Act:

• Subsections 12(3) to 12(9) of the TLAR provide the administrative process for when a dealer identification number (CA number) can be changed or revoked. A CA number can be used on a textile label instead of a dealer’s name and full postal address. The requirements in subsection 12(5) [e.g. for transfer, change of name or address, or closure of business] are to be replaced with terms of use under which dealers must ensure that information required by the Regulations is kept up to date. The revocation process currently included in subsections 12(6 - 9) is not used and will be repealed.

The other amendments are meant to improve the clarity of the TLAR:

• Paragraph 5(2)(d) of the TLAR will be removed. This paragraph prohibits labels that do not comply with section 5 of the Act. Since the details of the labelling requirement is already contained in section 5 of the Act, this paragraph is redundant.

• Paragraph 14(3)(a) will be revised by removing the words “and subsection 11(3).” Subsection 11(3) does not require the provision of information and, therefore, it is not necessary to refer to subsection 11(3) in this provision.

• Paragraph 31(a)(ii) of the French version will be replaced with “(ii) sous réserve de l’article 31.1 dans l’ordre de prédominance selon la masse.” This provides more clarity and consistency between the English and French versions of the TLAR.

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