Hawaii Proposes Fur Ban


Hawaii Proposes Fur Ban

The State of Hawaii has proposed an Act which would prohibit the manufacture and sale of certain animal fur products in the State, as well as the shipment of certain fur products into the State for sale or distribution.

By Bureau Veritas Technical Services 5 minute read

The State has proposed the ban for several reasons. One is due to animal welfare concerns. Since there are many faux fur options in the market, the demand for fur products “does not justify the unnecessary killing and cruel treatment of animals”. Also, it will “foster a more humane environment in the State”. The State also finds that fur farming can have a negative environmental impact, as it contributes to water and air pollution. Fur farming often involves the use of toxic chemicals, such as chromium and formaldehyde. Additionally, fur farming consumes large quantities of energy and water.


FUR: any animal skin or part thereof with hair, fleece, or fur fibers attached, either in its raw or processed state; provided that fur does not include such skins or parts that are converted into leather which in processing will have the hair, fleece, or fur fiber completely removed; cowhide with hair attached; or lambskin or sheepskin with fleece attached.

FUR PRODUCT: any article of clothing or covering for any part of the body, or any fashion accessory, including but not limited to handbags, shoes, slippers, hats, earmuffs, scarves, shawls, gloves, jewelry, keychains, toys or trinkets, or home accessories and decor, that is made in whole or in part of fur. Dog or cat fur products are not covered under this proposed Act since they are already banned under title 19 United States Code section 1308.

There is no final effective date at this time, as this Act will take effect upon its approval. If the bill is passed, BVCPS will issue an updated Newsbyte.

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