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Many factors impact the successful sale of consumer products. The right idea. The correct product specification. A quality sourcing partner. Demonstrable quality controls. On-time shipping. Then, and only then will your customer be satisfied, place more orders and reduce returns due to poor quality reduce. Each stage has distinct quality risks that need to be understood and addressed to experience a smooth sourcing journey.

Logistics Management

At its root, “Logistics is about getting the right product, to the right customer, in the right quantity, in the right condition, at the right place, at the right time, and at the right costs,” otherwise known as the Seven R’s of Logistics, as coined by John J. Coyle

Key areas of quality concern that need to be considered when sourcing consumer goods are:


Quality Rejects: Sometimes goods leave port in good condition, but at the destination port, often due to faulty containers, shipped goods are damaged. (Water seepage, dust, rust, etc.) This causes a rejection for which nobody takes accountability easily. A loading and unloading check supported by a container survey done before goods are packed and sealed can help mitigate this risk.


Documents & Certificates: One major problem is understanding documentary requirements of different countries. A particular product may require certain kind of certificates and documents for one country which is not the same for another. This can cause confusion, incorrect paper work and stopped shipments.


Logistics: A crucial part is played by logistics in international trade; this can become one of the biggest pain points when things don't move as they were meant to. This includes, delay at port of loading, delay at transshipment, cancelation of inbound vessels and many more such delays.
Bureau Veritas can provide loading and unloading checks to verify the products being shipped and unloaded are as per your instructions.
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