South Korea – Revision on Safety Standard for Infant Textile Products


South Korea – Revision on Safety Standard for Infant Textile Products

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) in South Korea has published a revision (Notification No. 2017-0016) to amend “Safety Standards for Safety Confirmation Annex 1 – Textile Products for Infants.” The major changes include the amendments on the safety requirements of harmful substances. The amendments will be applied from January 31, 2018.

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Safety Confirmation Safety Standard (Annex 1) – Infant Textile Products

Scope: Infant textile products used by babies and infants aged less than 36 months and listed in the classification table according to the standard including outwear, middle wear, underwear, bedding, shoes, socks, gloves, hats, bags and baby products.

Major changes in safety requirements of harmful substances

  • Additional of total NP and NPEO requirement
  • Additional of total cadmium requirement
  • Revise the limit of allergic disperse dyes
  • Revise/ clarify the materials to be tested for the harmful substances

Safety Requirements of Harmful Substances

Restricted Substances

Material Tested

Infant (<36 months)


Textile Parts

4.0 – 7.5


Textile Parts

= 20 mg/kg

Azo Dye (24 amines)

Dyed Textile Parts

= 30 mg/kg (each)



Plastic or rubber, textile coated or printed with plastic / rubber materials (except coating printing on metal or plastic)

= 0.1 % (sum)



Dibutytin (DBT)

Coated or printed textile

= 1.0 mg/kg

Tributytin (TBT)

= 0.5 mg/kg

Dimethyl fumarate

Leather and fur

= 0.1 mg/kg

Flame Retardants (TDBPP, PentaBDE, OctaBDE)

Product treated with flame retardants

Ban to use

Total Lead

Coating, printing, plastic, metal, other materials (such as wood) except textiles

= 90 mg/kg (metal = 300 mg/kg)

Total Cadmium (New)

= 75 mg/kg

Allergic Dispense Dyes (22 Dyes)

Dyed textile parts

Textile include polyester, nylon, acryl, acetate, triacetate, vinyl chloride

= 50 mg/kg (each)

Nickel Release

Electroplated or uncoated metal

= 0.5 µg/cm2 /week

Total NP, NPEO (New)

Textile parts

= 100 mg/kg

NOTE: Infant textile products must be tested by designated accredited testing laboratory before product release or clearance through the customs to identify whether the products conform to the safety criteria.

Additional Information: Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy No. 2017-0016 (In Korean)

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