On-site Furniture Safety Tests

04 Apr 2018 TIC 101

On-site Furniture Safety Tests

To be able to detect major potential safety issues in your furniture prior to the shipment, please review the following article

By Bureau Veritas Technical Services 2 minutes read

Safety is one of the most important elements to consider when sourcing and selling furniture. The customer would never want any hazards while using the furniture;

Serious safety issues occurring with furniture include collapse, tip- over, etc… which might cause injuries or even death to the users;

Our inspections help detect safety issues by professionally conducting the necessary on-site tests;

Chair Case Study

Chairs need to be strong enough to bear certain weights and impacts. We have developed necessary on-site tests to inspect the strength of a chair according to mandatory standards of various markets. We conduct Static Loading Test, Impact Test as well as other necessary tests during chair inspections to help you avoid the safety risks prior to the shipment; reducing returns and potential recalls.

On-site test process illustration: Static loading test and Impact test done on site by BV inspector during an inspection.

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