Bureau Veritas to Speak at FOROTEX 2018 - Apparel & Textile Industry Conference in El Salvador

19 Nov 2018 BV NEWS

Bureau Veritas to Speak at FOROTEX 2018 - Apparel & Textile Industry Conference in El Salvador

Bureau Veritas’ Patricia Smith will be participating in FOROTEX 2018. This conference is a day and a half educational and networking program taking place in El Salvador on September 6, 2018. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with El Salvador’s textile and apparel industry, government officials and regional leaders.

By Bureau Veritas Technical Services 3 minute read
FOROTEX will start off with a series of meetings on September 5th between industry players and key government representatives. The morning of September 6th, FOROTEX will have the participation of important U.S. industry leaders and experts, such as Mike Todaro from AAPN, Steve Lamar from the AAFA, Julia Hughes from USFIAS, and Ron Sorini, Sorini, Samet and Associates, a law firm specialized in trade matters. The conference will explore recent developments in U.S. trade policy and its impact in trade and investment flows with the CAFTA – DR region. Cotton Council expert representatives and other US firms will share their best practices on sustainability.

Patricia Smith is Bureau Veritas’ Latin America Manager of Inspections, Audits and Consulting. She will speak on Reliable and Ethical Business through Compliance with International Standards. One of many challenges that the textile and apparel industry experiences is compliance to international standards. Patricia will talk about the importance of compliance with international standards and the quality of products in the supply chain in a global business environment.

Patricia has over 32 years of experience managing social and factory audits and inspections in a wide variety of industries. Since joining Bureau Veritas in 2006, Patricia has managed the Inspections, Audits and Assessment operations for the Latin America region.

FOROTEX is a Chamber of Textile, Apparel and Free Trade Zones of El Salvador (CAMTEXT) event. Click to view more information on FOROTEX 2018 Conference.

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