Bureau Veritas Taiwan Laboratory achieved the World’s First 5G NR 39GHz mmWave FCC Grant

04 Jan 2019 BV NEWS

Bureau Veritas Taiwan Laboratory achieved the World’s First 5G NR 39GHz mmWave FCC Grant

Hong Kong, 31st December, 2018 – Bureau Veritas is pleased to announce that its wireless laboratory in Taipei had assisted its client gone through the Federal Communications Commission review and validation and achieved the world's first 5G NR 39GHz mmWave FCC Grant. (mmWave = Millimeter wave mobile communications for 5G cellular)

By Bureau Veritas Marketing Team 3 minute read
According to market insights for 2019, mobile devices or mobile communication devices continues to grow in the industry. It is anticipated that the applications for 5G deployment will be focused on three types of user equipment (UE) devices - 5G Hotspot routers, 5G smart phones, and fixed wireless terminal (FWT) (including home wireless sharer) devices. The 5G Mobile Hotspot routers will become the primary 5G mobile devices using by the telecom operators that the network sharers utilize 39 GHz mmWave to transmit their data.

The Motor Intelligence Report also forecasts that about 75% of 92 million vehicles shipped worldwide will be connected in 2020. As the number of IoT devices increases, the threats and attacks of information security will become more complex and diverse. Consumer concerns of information security and network systems in mobile products are thus increasing.

As a leading global provider of wireless testing and certification services, Bureau Veritas welcomes the upcoming commercial deployment of 5G technology and embraces the latest 5G technology trend and development in regard to system verification and testing technology. We have test capability ready for 5G NR bands of n257, n258 and n260 in compliance with the FCC Part 30 Technical Guidelines. We can fully assist the mobile and telecommunications network industry players to get 5G compliance and gain faster time to market.

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