Bureau Veritas and EDF form Strategic Alliance

04 Apr 2018 BV NEWS

Bureau Veritas and EDF form Strategic Alliance

Bureau Veritas announces its strategic cooperation with EDF SA in France and EDF in China to provide testing and certification for high voltage electrical product/equipment manufacturers in China.

By Bureau Veritas Marketing 1 minute read

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement was recently signed in Beijing, China by Xudan Song, Senior Executive Vice President of EDF China; Jacques Sacreste, International R&D Director of EDF SA (France), and Nicolas Girard, Vice President, Electrical and Electronics of Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services.

Chinese high voltage electrical product manufacturers continue to produce quality products and sell to global markets. However, to obtain market access, vendors are required to produce and test the products based on buyers’ requirements and/or fulfill Short-Circuit Testing Liaison (STL) Certification scheme. There are limited solutions in existence today in China for STL Certification, which creates challenges with competitiveness and speed to market.

To facilitate fast market access, Bureau Veritas and EDF have reached an agreement on providing testing and certification solutions in China. This enables Chinese manufacturers to test their products in China for Protocol Testing and in EDF’s high-voltage lab near Paris, France for official STL Certification. This partnership offers a credible alternative solution for testing and certification for high voltage product manufacturers.

Xudan Song, Senior Executive Vice President of EDF China commented, “Since the 1990s, EDF China has offered R&D support to nuclear plants and energy management providers in China. It is a big step forward to cooperate with Bureau Veritas to provide an alternative solution to assist Chinese high voltage E&E manufacturers in terms of testing, inspection and certification. Our R&D team is very enthusiastic to share the experiences and technical platform to support the development of the high voltage industry in China.”

Jacques Sacreste, International R&D Director of EDF SA (France) comments, "This partnership comes at a time when EDF R&D global strategy is opening up its expertise and service to external clients. This transformation, started several years ago, is already demonstrating success, and this partnership with Bureau Veritas in China is another important milestone in our strategy."

Nicolas Girard, Vice President of Electrical and Electronics Business Line of Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services says, “EDF SA has a name that speaks for itself in the energy and high-voltage industry. Combining Bureau Veritas' global recognition and expertise in the E&E industry, we can conduct witness tests at suppliers’ premises and provide a complete solution to obtain STL Certification. We are confident that this cooperation will help high voltage product manufacturers in China to export their products to the global market in a timely fashion.”

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