ASTM F2417 Candle Fire Safety Standard Updated


ASTM F2417 Candle Fire Safety Standard Updated

The ASTM subcommittee group responsible for the fire safety of candles recently published a revised version of the ASTM F2417 standard.? This revision was a comprehensive rewrite of the document to try to condense the standard, make it easier to follow, and add clarity where needed.

By Bureau Veritas Technical Services 3 minute read

ASTM F2417 is the Standard Specification for Fire Safety for Candles, which outlines the testing procedure and criteria for evaluating the safety of candle ensembles and candles as they burn. This standard applies to candles constructed of one or more combustible wicks supported by a material that constitutes a fuel which is solid, semi-solid, or quasi-rigid at room temperature. These include common candles such as pillar, filled, votive, tealight, figurine, taper, birthday, religious/ceremonial, and gel-containing candles.

The changes included in this updated standard are primarily editorial in nature; however, some substantive additions were made such as the addition of new definitions for some candle terms.

Based on our participation within the candle industry, Bureau Veritas was well aware that this 2017 revision to ASTM F2417 would be coming and the revised document is now available for use.

In addition, look for updates to come regarding ASTM F2601, which is the Standard Specification for Fire Safety for Candle Accessories. This ASTM standard is also undergoing a revision similar to ASTM F2417 and an updated standard will be coming in the near future.

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