Opening Meeting - An Imperative Prelude of a BV Service in the Factory

04 Apr 2018 TIC 101

Opening Meeting - An Imperative Prelude of a BV Service in the Factory

An opening meeting, also called working preparation meeting, is aimed to implement the inspection or audit service smoothly in the factory (or other service location).

By Bureau Veritas Technical Services 2 minutes read

In the meeting, the inspector (or auditor) makes introduction of themselves, BV Code of Conduct, the inspection / audit scope, the desired supporting from factory, safety condition, etc. The factory shall acknowledge those completely in the meeting and make thorough communication with the inspector (or auditor) on their concerns, e.g. the inspection criteria, etc. At the end of opening meeting, the factory representative will be requested to sign on the COC letter as the acknowledgement;

In an inspection service, the inspector will additionally cover:

  • Inspection procedure against the client request / AC sticker application procedure / inspection environment requirement / working time;
  • If the inspector needs helper from the factory, he / she must emphasize dos and don’ts during inspection, e.g. the helper can help to move the selected cartons but can’t help to measure the product.

In an Audit service, the auditor will additionally cover:

  • Confirmation of: audit criteria, approach and plan / the availability, roles and identities of any guides / the method of reporting & nonconformities / the sample size principle, etc.;
  • Declaration of: BV non-disclosure policy / documentation needed for an audit, etc.;
  • Process: the management interview with the topics: major product types / sales market / product capability. etc.

It is recommended that the attendees of the opening meeting shall be from factory quality control team, production workshop, seals team and warehouse as those staff have direct connections with the products to be inspected (or the audit scope) and will be more concern about the inspection / FA than others.

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