Metal Detection Test - The Imperative Assurance of Apparel Safety

04 Apr 2018 TIC 101

Metal Detection Test - The Imperative Assurance of Apparel Safety

To be able to know an important safety control process during the apparel inspection, please review the below article highlighting our metal detection process.

By Bureau Veritas Technical Services 2 minutes read

A needle is necessary for Garment sewing. Broken needles hidden in the garments can cause harm to the human body. The metal detection test detects the existence of broken needles in the manufacture of garments and accessories in a timely manner.

Most shipments exported to Europe, US and other countries are required to do this test, especially on baby and children's clothing.”

At present the devices used for broken needle detection are divided into: tunnel metal detector with belt conveyor, flatbed type metal detector and hand-held metal detector. Considering the equipment’s reliability and the conditions in the factory, only the tunnel metal detector with belt conveyor type can be used during BV inspection unless the client has special requirements;

Before the metal detector is put into use, it is verified with a metal detector calibration kit (which contains a ferrous ball (? 1.2mm)) by following 9 points method (the calibration kit should be tested in the positions of the bottom, semi-height and top height, it shall be placed on the left side, mid and the right side of the conveyor);

All the testing samples are passed through the detector:

  • if there is no alarm and the detector belt stops, the test result is PASS.
  • If the garment does not pass the detector gate, the alarm beeps, and the belt stops, it means the garment might contain broken needles or other abnormal metal materials.

BV inspectors then examine the product until the needle or the metal material is found. In this case, the inspection result will be rated as FAIL immediately.

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