Bureau Veritas joins the Internet of Things Consortium

18 Apr 2019 BV NEWS

Bureau Veritas joins the Internet of Things Consortium

Hong Kong, 15 April, 2019 – Bureau Veritas is pleased to announce that it has become a Member of the Internet of Things Consortium.

By Bureau Veritas Marketing Team 3 minute read
The Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC, Website: https://iofthings.org/) is the premier business development association for the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Its mission is to ignite the growth of the IoT marketplace by leading the industry’s efforts through strategic partnerships. The organization focuses on five key verticals: connected homes, autos, cities, retail and wearables.

As a global leader in Wireless/IoT Testing and Certification Solutions, we help companies making, distributing, or selling wireless enabled products to improve their product quality, safety, security, performance, and connectivity. We additionally pride ourselves with our brand and continually evolving technology coverage as well as our recognition from associations, regulatory agencies and network of operators or carriers.

• Strong Americas Footprint & Global Network: 400+ test environments
supporting the Technology Products market worldwide
• Cover All Market Regulations & Key Technologies: Smart Phone; Smart City;
Smart Home; Connected Car; Connected Person; Mobile Health & Industry 4.0
• Active Participation on 40+ Technical Committees
• Comprehensive Service Portfolio

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- BV Wireless/IoT Testing and Certification Solutions Brochure >> click here
- BV Global E.A.W. eNewsletters >> click here

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