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Many factors impact the successful sale of consumer products. The right idea. The correct product specification. A quality sourcing partner. Demonstrable quality controls. On-time shipping. Then, and only then will your customer be satisfied, place more orders and reduce returns due to poor quality reduce. Each stage has distinct quality risks that need to be understood and addressed to experience a smooth sourcing journey.


Quality is instrumental in driving retail sales. Whether you sell through marketplaces, your own online or physical store or via another channel, maintaining a strong reputation for quality products is critical to driving client retention and order growth and also reducing the level of returns due to poor quality which can eat away at the margin.

One of the biggest costs that needs to be managed is the reduction in the percentage of products being returned due to poor quality

The stats vary, but around 10% of physical stores' products are returned due to poor quality whilst almost 1/3 of products sold online are returned. Around 1/5 of all returns due to damaged products or poor quality. This equates to 1.8% of all physical store sales will be returned and 6% of online sales.
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The Reality of Returns


* These numbers are based on BV and public domain data sources and represent a simulation only. BV cannot be held accountable for different reasons.

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