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Frequently asked questions

Bureau Veritas is a worldwide leader is the QHSE service. We specialize and are experts in product inspections, factory audits and product testing.
  • Are your factories following international and local rules and regulations? (Social Audit)
  • Does initial production quality meet your needs? (Initial Production Check / Inspection)
  • Is my order produced according to my specifications? (Pre-Shipment Inspection / Final Random Inspection)
  • Sign up online in order to create your private account on our website; it is free of charge and requires no commitment.
  • After activation of your account, you will be able to choose and pay for your desired service and provide us with your requirements, instructions, specifications, criteria and attachments online (24/7).
  • Our Operations team will prepare, coordinate and arrange your service.
  • You will receive a confirmation email following your booking.
  • You can choose to receive status updates in the Account Management panel under Customer Preferences.
Brand and Reputation
Strong brand built on over 190 years of service. We have worked successfully with top manufacturers and retailers around the world to help them better manage risk and regulatory compliance.
Worldwide Locations
With over 12,000 specialist’s located close to selling and sourcing areas in over 40 countries, we offer you the convenience of global coverage with local service where you need it.
Product Specialists
Our inspectors, auditors and lab engineers know your products. We specialize in consumer goods including electrical and electronics, toys, hard goods and soft goods.
We offer next day service for emergency inspection shipments with late cancellations up to 4pm the day before the inspection is due to be carried out (time zone of the factory country). Same day reports available.
Service Excellence
Best in class technical governance controls the repeatability of our world class service globally.
Client Aligned
Our Best Practice inspections and audits are based on decades of experience from inspecting and auditing millions of factories with user friendly reports.
Always Informed
Our Platform provides notification alerts and supplier intelligence.
Continual Improvement
Access to Insight Center - improve your knowledge and ability to continually source safe and quality products.
The report focuses on our inspector's findings of your products within the factory helping you determine whether your products conform to the specified requirement.
Your inspection report will include photos that covers the following quality checks:
  • Quantity
  • Product Conformity,
  • Workmanship / Appearance / Function
  • Data Measurement/ On-site tests
  • Packing & Packaging
  • Shipping mark
  • Labeling, Printed Materials & Markings
On the same day of inspection. Usually after inspection has finished, the report will be issued within a few hours (factory location time).
You can pay using via our payment gateway, Adyen, using credit card, Paypal, Alipay and Wechat Pay.
We recommend sending them directly to your factory, in a sealed package, for the attention of Bureau Veritas (with relevant reference number or contact details if you have them).
Simply choose this service, along with inspection, while booking the service online during Step 5 of the Booking Process, Service Options.
The earlier you place the booking, the better. If you book 15 days in advance, you can even benefit from an early bird discount. As a minimum we recommend you book services at least 48 hours in advance.
It is suggested to leave a buffer period of at least 2-3 days for inspection report generation/review. In this case, any problems found during the inspection can be remedied before shipment.
The most frequently found non-conformances for softlines, hardlines and electrical products are marking and labeling; appearance, and dimension. Other frequent failures include foreign substance, workmanship, packing and bar code.
If you cancel your booking before the cut off time (before 4:00 PM local time at the Services’ location on the working day before service date), you will reimbursed in full in either USD or CNY.
It should be noted that due to exchange rate fluctuation between your booking date and the cancellation date, as well bank or credit card charges, you may see a local currency impact (this could be both positive or negative).
For clarity, in the event you cancel the services after 4:00 PM local time at the Services’ location on the working day before service date, the Services booked will be charged in full.
No worries, we will simply calculate the number of items we will inspect based on the quantity you indicated in your booking.
We understand the reality in the field and try to accommodate as much as we can without compromising the time we need to do our job. Our inspectors will wait for an hour. After that waiting period we start the inspection and may adjust the service type, e.g., from Pre-shipment Inspection to During Production Inspection. All of this is done at no extra cost to you.
Now this is an issue. Your booking is our road map, our contract with you, and we have to stick to the information you provide.
Since you can change your booking until 4pm (Factory local time) of the day prior to the inspection day, we recommend you confirm with your supplier a few days before the service is due.
If we arrive at the facility and your goods are not being manufactured there, we will have to release a "visit in vain" report as the goods are not at the location provided on the booking form.
Absolutely! When we receive your booking, we immediately review all the information you have provided and verify all documentation are aligned to the order details. If this is not the case we contact you to clarify. Here are some typical examples of order information misalignment so you can look for issues in future bookings:
  • The PO # in your booking is different from the PO# on the PO sheet.
  • The product name in the booking is different from the product name in your specs.
  • The quantities booked are different from the quantities on the PO sheet.
  • The booking references "pieces" while the PO references "sets" or "pairs".
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