Complaint and Feedback Process

04 Apr 2018 TIC 101

Complaint and Feedback Process

To understand BV’s complaint handling process in order to continuously improve BV service, please review the attached article detailing our feedback review process.

By Bureau Veritas Technical Services 2 minutes read

As a professional 3rd inspection service company, ZERO complaints and increasing plaudits is a core aim. Any deviation caused by poor performance affects client’s confidence, cooperation and our reputation. As such, we have developed an effective feedback management process as below:

  • A reporting mechanism is in place once feedback is received. Relevant management teams are informed to ensure sufficient support and resources are available for the handling process. Meanwhile, client contact staff communicate with the feedback person to get additional background information and facts, listen to the client’s needs, confirm the follow-up actions
  • Once feedback is received, BV conducts analysis against the specification and procedure to confirm the following elements: Content of the compliant? Whether the complaint is about the service requirement? What is the root cause? BV fault or not? Which departments are involved and their responsibilities, etc.
  • A temporary team is then established if the complaint is handled by BV. The team works with Pro-active attitude, quick reaction and effective solution to decrease complaint severity and impact
  • The root cause might be personnel poor performance, insufficient training & monitoring, poor implementation of working procedure, etc. After the root cause of the complaint is found, internal screening of suspected or similar items and personnel, case sharing and study, improvement actions suggestion are conducted to prevent the same mistake in the network
  • Based on management consideration, discipline actions to responsible personnel might be issued ,which are helpful to create a fair and just environment
  • Corrective actions shall be based on personnel, equipment, training, procedure and monitoring measurement. The action plan shall be systematic with defined deadline for responsible staff
  • Preventive actions are very helpful to avoid the same mistake. A specific log for complaint, documentation of relative procedure and instruction, a meeting or training for relevant staff
  • Furthermore, verification of corrective actions’ effectiveness is performed by BV QA department.

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